Una (ユウナ)

2013年シングル「JUICY JUICY」でメジャーデビュー。
2013年自身初の配信ミニアルバム「True of Lights/Danse Danse」、2014年には2ndシングル「BOOM BOOM BOOM」をリリース。
デビュー前にはフランス・JAPAN EXPOにて初ライブ、2014年6月にはロサンゼルス・サンフランシスコで開催されたAnamanaguchiツアーに出演するなど、日本のみに留まらず世界中で活躍の幅を広げる。


Una is an artist and model bursting with talent and originality. She started out in fashion retail in Harajuku, and her career quickly took off after 2010 when she was featured in a street snap piece in a fashion magazine. With her cool and edgy looks, it didn’t take long for her to become a regular face in fashion magazines and in no time she was the “it” girl of Harajuku. Always expressing herself with a truly unique sense of style, her popularity has soared and she has attracted a great number of fans.


Una landed her major artist debut with the single “JUICY JUICY,” which garnered a lot of attention when Una herself was casted in a TV commercial that featured the release. She also put out a digital mini album, “True of Lights / Danse Danse,” which quickly rose to #2 on the electronic album charts. In 2014, she released her second single, “BOOM BOOM BOOM.” Even before she released her debut single, she performed at Japan Expo Paris in 2013 and also took part in the Anamanaguchi tour held in L.A. and San Francisco in Jun. 2014, making her name known not only in Japan but worldwide.